Payment Policies

Credit Cards on File

Clients are required to have a credit card on file that can be charged for balances not covered by insurance. Balances are automatically charged to the card on file. You may also pay in-person if you have an in-office visit. Credit card numbers are encrypted and stored securely with our payment processor. Whenever your credit card on file is charged, you will receive an email notification with details of the transaction.

Copay & Co-Insurance Payments

Copay and Co-insurance fees are  due at the time of your visit. These payments are charged to your card on file. These payments may appear in your Patient Portal as a credit or a negative amount until they are automatically applied to your visit after your insurance remits payment and confirms the copay or co-insurance amount due.

Your estimated copay or co-insurance will be charged at the time of service to the credit card on file. For Telehealth visits, this will typically be charged the following business day. Once your insurance processes the claim and confirms your benefits, any balance due (i.e. deductibles) will be automatically charged to your credit card on file. We send statements for balances due weekly, and auto-charge credit cards on file shortly after statements are sent.

Late Cancellations

If you cancel outside your provider’s policy (typically 24-48 hours before the appointment), you may be subject to a late cancellation fee. Please refer to your provider’s disclosure for details of their policy and contact them if you have any questions about a late cancellation charge.

late cancellation fees are charged at the sole-discretion of your provider, and our Billing Department is not able to revoke these charges without the provider’s consent.

Private Pay and Fees

If you are not using insurance to cover the cost of care, or your insurance is out-of-network, you will be subject to your provider’s Private Pay rate. Private Pay and any other fees assessed by your provider, including late cancellation fees, will be automatically applied to the credit card on file.

Statements and Auto Charging

Outstanding balances are automatically charged weekly. Statements for balances due are sent out weekly.

Collections Efforts

If your card is declined at any point, a Mindful Therapy Group staff member will reach out by phone or email to collect a new payment method. Your provider may discontinue treatment if there are unpaid balances.

Unpaid balances without a payment plan initiated may be turned over to a third-party collection agency. This can result in negative marks on your credit.

MTG Disclosure Statement 

The full terms of the MTG Disclosure Statement can be found here.